Monday, 22 February 2010

Pro Street ricers

As the title says , here's a couple of Pro Street styled jap cars for ya .

More ebay picks !

and lastly for tonight a trio of retro Toyota's including a Cressida , a Corolla and a Starlet and a real oddball Mitsubishi Cordia turbo from the Rhonda!

more ebay picks ...

A nice selection of honda's now , including a white Accord fastback , a silver Jazz , a brown civic and my personnal favorite , a spotless recently imported JDM spec Prelude coupe .

More ebay picks ...

Tonights ebay selection starts with a group of retro Datsuns including a gnarly looking 180b estate ( with wood ! ) , a clean lemon yellow 100a , a mint bluebird in burgundy , a slighty ratty and tatty silver cedric 280c and a nice low low hydro'd Cedric 280c to finish .