Monday, 1 February 2010

Time for an ad break .......

Retro car adverts , dontcha just love em !

BB or Cube? Again????

Right quick ebay search gets you this lot from £7000 - £4500 lowest BB is 5K? as they come from the dealers - you decide which is the best and I'll tell you what i think!!!!!!!!!



Cube every day of the week - right made my mind up - I think?

Custom Japrod Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boszoko custom japrod pck up with gul wings this thing screams Japanese
The attention to detail is very Japanese as is the wicked Flame job!

Cube Jisum

The last two are what happens if you let art students lose on a car (i kind a like art students they dont wash much but that can be sexy) anyhows it proves a point its hard to chose between the BB and the cube?? Its like ginger birds and blondes they both have something about them - but neither are easy to live with lol