Monday, 15 February 2010

Use the force Luke ...

If your finding the old X-wing fighter a little cumbersome for everyday use then surely the logical thing to do would be to use an old honda Del sol ..... ummm ..... maybe not !

A pair of Miata's

It doesn't take much for Mazda's popular Mx5/Eunos/Miata to lose the hairdressers car image , a well chosen set of rims and a damn good slamming usually do the trick .


Camo style is alway's a good look and there are plenty of variations on the theme from traditional khaki army colours to the more streetwise urban camo ( Ade's infamous cow van for example ) . Here's a few J tin examples icluding a slammed Scion coupe with Panda themed camo bonnet !

F*ck me , a cool Prius !

Usually the reserve of Hollywood hypocrites who park one in front of their Hummer and green peace types with wooly jumpers and beards , this one looks kinda cool on it's Mooneyes halibrand style rims with a nice lowering job to finish off .

Wagon's roll ...

More station wagon loving from the house of wood !