Sunday, 24 January 2010

Because ...

Camber crazyness !

Pick up pics

There ain't many things cooler than a trusty old car based work horse so here's a little selection for ya ...

What Estate where in!

If sexuality was a car then the "Estate" in my opinion would be one horny blonde equiped with all the right lumps and bumps to turn a man to tears: heres a few Japtastic examples.

EMPI Datsuns

The US company EMPI (engineered motor products inc )

is well known in Volkswagen circles as the producer of many desirable

and ultra collectable tuning parts and accessories .

The GTV Beetle was available complete with many of these parts .

What is less well known is that later on in the companies life they also produce parts for

Datsuns which were slowly gaining poularity in the US . Here are some period ad's

featuring the companies Bluebird , 240Z and fairlady roadster .


Check out this sweet T-Bird .