Sunday, 7 February 2010

Who said Japvan???????????

Dirty mags ...

Slot mags that is !

Seeing as I'm picking up some slotmags later today it seemed like an ideal time to post up a few pics of car's and vans with the aforementioned rims :-)

Van Damn !

Back in the 70's custom vans were mega popular worldwide , unfortunately the trend then kinda died out and apart from VW's vans were rarely seen at show's unless they were being used to haul parts around . But now things have come full circle and over in Japan custom vans are seeing a major resurgence with some absolute beauties being built . As far as over here in Wales is concerned , well it would seem my compadre Tonmawrtiki's raked and slotmagged Nissan Homy is bang on the money style wise :-)