Monday, 8 February 2010

Toyota hybid !

Now I dunno what the brakes are like on this little bugger but this Toyota / Scion IQ does look pretty good to be fair .

J Lo ...

Dodge Van's

More Van loving from the land of the rising sun . There's currently a big following over there for these so called 'Rape Vans ' , think big old Dodge vans ( as used by Buffalo Bill in silence of the lambs ! ) but with a bang on stance with custom coilovers on watanabe style wheels , white trye lettering and generally mean looking almost NASCAR'esque styling .

More ebay selections ...

This weeks ebay uk selection features a nice green RWD Toyota Starlet , a lovely Toyota Celica serie 1 , a very clean Toyota Carina II , a stunning Toyota Century VIP wagon and a gold Nissan Laurel :-)